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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice of exercise and spirituality. Yoga is not a new concept. Yoga had been introduced into the heart of the continent during ancient times. Yoga is originally a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India by the rishis. There have been many forms of

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Hatha Yoga

The classical form of yoga where you practice asanas individually, hold the postures for long, detailed alignments cues. What is hatha yoga ? Originating in 11th century India and ascribed to Sage Goraknath, Hatha Yoga practice has been propagated to gain mastery over the mind through asanas or postures that focus on breath to channelise vital energy

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Power Yoga

Power Yoga Power up your yoga practice:- Maintaining the principles of the yoga practice yet incorporating modern variations, Power Yoga has become very popular today. Bringing out the best asanas:- Power Yoga as the name suggests, strings together different poses into powerful sequences that result in a thorough workout. Focused on the physical aspect of asana practice Power Yoga

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How do I get a teacher training course (TTC) for Yoga – online

A teachers training course is something that you can get anywhere in the world for yoga. Through this training course, we aim at giving you the best yoga experience. The basic aim of teachers’ training course is that you study the basic principles of yoga in detail, the theory, the practice of basic diets, etc.  The

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