Health Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga is one of the ancient practices that originated in India. It is a very helpful exercise consisting of asanas that heals you from head to toe by maintaining a Health Benefits in both  mind and body and has become a very relevant practice these days when we all are surrounded by this pandemic situation.

Despite having a long history, Yoga has never gone out of fashion and is in fact a fast-growing trend these days. Actors and influencers from Shilpa Shetty to Baba Ram Dev everyone is not just practising this art form to remain fit and healthy but are recommending the same to everyone globally.

So let us have a look at some of the benefits that you may witness in your body by regularly practising yoga.

Improves Aerobic Capacity

The various asanas performed during the yoga session help to improve the aerobic capacity of the person as they perform intensive breathing, and sprinting exercises for 90 minutes continuously during one complete session of yoga therapy. It also improves their stamina levels and avoids breathing problems in the long term future.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Yoga helps to improve the heart rate, reduces blood pressure and improves the immunity, reduces blood pressure and burns excess calories from the body to fight diseases and helps to keep the yogi fit and Health Benefits if performed regularly for a longer period.

Lowers Body Fat 

The physical movements involved in the yoga session helps to burn calories, resist plaque build-up and reduces body fat cells at a much higher rate than any regular workout because, in yoga, yogi switch regularly between aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways which makes all the difference during specific breathing exercises.

Builds Muscle Strength

The practise of doing yoga involves movement of both upper and lower body parts which eventually develops muscle strength in the body of the yogi. The upper body is used to balance the body posture during asanas while the lower body is required for ensuring body control during twisting and turning postures. These exercises during yoga, pull the muscle up and down and develop strength.

Increases Bone Strength

Generally, bone density decreases with age but if the body is trained to regular weight-bearing loads and practising yoga regularly, it increases the strength of the body and improves body skeletal frame. This helps to maintain body fitness and keeps bones strong throughout life.

Increases Cognitive Brain Function

A good mental condition plays a very important role in the performance of the yogi just as the physical body of a person practising yoga and yoga is one of the few ancient practices which pays attention towards the development of a healthy state of mind through exercises along with the physical movement in current times. It develops cognitive brain cells and helps the mind to make quick and fast decisions in life which is also reflected in his performance every time.

Reduce Anxiety

Practising yoga regularly conditions the body to regular body movements and improves physical fitness. These exercises help to release good and positive hormones in the body also known as feel-good endorphins. These hormones, when released in the body, reduce stress levels and feelings of anxiety and keep the body relaxed.

Physical Toughness 

Being a high energy boosting practice, yoga demands 100% physical dedication from the practising yogis and it involves the active participation of both upper and lower parts of the body. Hence making the body physically tough and strong to fight against every circumstance and go in for a tackle without having a second thought. It also prepares the body to stand through harsh conditions and fight physically draining circumstances easily in life.

Improves Concentration 

Yoga improves the concentration capacity of the yogis as they need to be very focused while playing and gather maximum concentration during the yoga session. This practice during the yoga session becomes an inseparable feature of the yogi and helps them to carry every activity in life with the same level of dedication and concentration as they show during their practice session.

With so many Health Benefits coming by just practicing yoga, why not make a decision and join a yoga class at Ayana Yoga where best Yoga experts will train you such that you avail all the benefits and stay happy and healthy.

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