How do I get a teacher training course (TTC) for Yoga – online

A teachers training course is something that you can get anywhere in the world for yoga. Through this training course, we aim at giving you the best yoga experience. The basic aim of teachers’ training course is that you study the basic principles of yoga in detail, the theory, the practice of basic diets, etc. 

The basic teacher training of yoga can get you a life-changing and life-enhancing experience.

Whether you are looking forward to a career with yoga or you want to learn more about yoga or you just want to deepen your own learning in yoga you can pursue this course.

 Through this course, you can get to know things deeply about yoga that you do not understand through any general course. As yoga is much more about physical and mental fitness and wellbeing. Yoga has the power to cure physical, mental, moral, physiological, spiritual, and any other issues that you face and has the answer for each one of them. 

It can get you deeper knowledge, and strengthen your foundation in yoga. The theory and practical knowledge can get everything through it.

If you want to be a yoga teacher or a professional yoga instructor this course can help you a lot. Due to any reason if you could not pursue your passion. This course can help you do that through a proper participation certificate and professional level training or if not, you can at least deepen your knowledge on yoga on every aspect or you can just get self-satisfaction through this training.

So now that you know what all you can do through this training you should also know how you can get this done without actual presence in any of the class physically. 

You can attend this kind of course through online sessions both theoretical and practical. We know that personal touch is important in any of the practical training, so you can also get the personal attention of your tutors online as they would add a personal touch to your training sessions.

The training contains the following lessons – 

Meaning of yoga.

Different types of yoga.

Ashtang Yog.


Yog sutras that contain mental and psychological enlightening like – 

Yama, niyama 








Process of removal of kleshas.

Karma and the theory.

The great sages who walked on the great path of yoga.

Five elements of yoga.


These are both theoretical and physical training topics and get you to the most details of yoga. These topics and training will help you reach the roots of yoga. Rest, there is the physical training, if yoga asanas that can be done physically and through the study of the various body function methodologies, you can also get the benefits that you get through the yoga asanas like the nervous system, circulatory system, muscular system, etc. 

So get yourself registered for the course right now for a once in lifetime soothing experience with Aayana Yoga.

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