Top 7 easy yoga asanas for all age groups

Some asanas are meant for all age groups, and even if you are not very flexible, you can pursue them. These asanas provide you with so many benefits, like an increase in concentration, better blood circulation, increase in bone strength, etc. So here are a few asanas that can be done by people of all age groups. 

Surya Namskar 

Also known as the ultimate asana, it is a complete run-through for all your asanas. It brings down the blood sugar level and improves metabolism and blood circulation, thereby giving you glowing and toned skin. This translates into a sun salutation. It consists of a series of asanas that make it up. You need to hold every asana for about 20 seconds and then switch. Sun salutation has an enormous amount of benefits. It is meant for all age groups and is pursued by everybody from beginners to experts.


The word tadasana translates into straight like a tree, and the posture is also inspired by a tree. It gives you the strength to stand straight, tall, and firm like a tree. It teaches you to stick to your roots even when you reach heights and never lose hope. This asana helps your intestine to work properly, and it provides strength to your arms and legs. It can be done by anybody and everybody.

Badda konasana

It is also known as butterfly stretching most loved asanas for all age groups of people. This is a bound angle pose also called butterfly stretching. It should be avoided if you have any kids with a knee injury and you need to make sure that you bend properly if you have no problems. This asana helps you get your knees strength and gets your bowel movements better. It is also the meditation pose, so it also helps you, calm down and restore your presence of mind. It also helps in better blood circulation in the lower body level thereby making it better for the elderlies and the mid generations.

Paschim uttan asana

This is the best asana if you want to reduce your stomach and body fat. This asana helps you stretch your entire body and gets better circulation in your lower area. It tones the arms and activates your spinal nerves. It is a forward bend pose and is greatly beneficial for all age groups. It is one of the favourite asanas of kids. 

And at the same time, it is beneficial for older people also. 

Shava asana

It is the corpse pose, and it helps for the betterment of your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. It helps you, lower down your blood pressure. It also reduces headache, anxiety, and fatigue so it is good for all age groups as it solves all your problems. Apart from the body, it also helps you awaken your soul and higher consciousness. Shava asana is the asana without which the entire yoga is incomplete. It helps you gather your mind and soil together, and it is the asana where you can get your mind merged with your conscious. 

Ando mukh shava asana

It is the downward-facing pose. It stretches your entire body and engages your core body parts. It is a weight-bearing exercise and will help you tone your muscles and bones. It stretches your back, thereby improving your posture. It also improves blood circulation to your brain. The posture, helps you get toned hips and legs, and also it increases your blood circulation, thereby better functioning of the brain. It also increases metabolism, thereby giving you glowing skin and a nourished body.


The name translates into extended triangle pose. It helps you stretch your lower body, thereby stimulating your blood flow to your pelvic region. Improves digestion and helps relieve stress. It stretches and strengthens your lower back and the lower body region.

All these asanas are the basics and the better half of the entire principles of yoga but you need to remember that while practising your asanas you need to concentrate on your soul and mind without getting yourself distracted. This also you can get through yoga as it gets you Chitt vriti nirodha.

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