Yoga Guide for Beginners

Yoga means the merger of the body with your self and soul. It is not just about physical fitness but also about mental spiritual and moral fitness. When done right yoga has the power to cure all types of problems. Here is a Yoga Guide on how you should start your new yoga schedule and what basic things you need to keep in mind while you start practising yoga regularly.

Don’t compare yourself with others

Yoga is not about doing yoga at an advanced stage, but rather it is about doing asanas in which your body and mind can relax. We always want to see others and imitate them when we start practising yoga and always try to strain the body over its limits, but this is not at all right because everyone has different levels of versatility in their body. Someone is more versatile than others, so you don’t have to look at others, but you have to concentrate or increase versatility step by step.

Dress up comfortably 

When doing yoga, you have to wear comfortable clothes because if you are not comfortable, you would not be able to focus on yoga. Comfort is something that is a necessity when you do yoga. You need to focus on what you are doing as all your energies should be concentrated in one direction. That is when yoga is the most fruitful exercise. In comparison to other fitness exercises, yoga not just ensures physical fitness, but it is the merger of the body, with the soul. It helps to attain control on the afflictions of your mind.


Before getting on your yoga mat, you must do some of the warm-up exercises first. You need to do the basic exercises before beginning your basic yoga asanas to warm your body up so that it becomes warm enough to do your asanas smoothly and easily. A stiff body is something, that can build a hurdle, and without a perfectly warmed up body, the advantages of asanas are not fully obtained. 

Start with basics

 Firstly when you start up doing your yoga asanas you should go with the basic ones first like vriksha asana or that asana. Practise them regularly until your body adapts to it and help you gradually move up to the sitting and sleeping postures as jumping directly to the difficult postures would not be good for you because you need to maintain a firm posture when you do yoga and these poses make you good at holding and being stiff at your poses.

Make your practice Consistent

Yoga is all about uniformity. Your practice should continue with Dirgha Kala without any breaks as when you practice yoga, as that is what makes you better and stronger. Yoga is one of those art forms which you can inculcate in yourself by doing it regularly for 21 days. Because as you know to develop a habit, you need t practise it regularly, and then you won’t be able to survive without doing it.

Take expert help

Women who are lactating, or on menstrual pains, or people with blood pressure issues, need to take care that they do not perform straining or such asanas. It is not good for them and can make them fall ill and worsen their condition, there are a lot of yoga asanas that you can not practice without professional advice or expert consultation. According to your medical or mental state, experts may also tell you which asana is good for you. Therefore, you should still take advice from experts.

Keep away from your phone

 You need to keep away all your distractions when you are pursuing your yoga asanas because when performing yoga, your heart and soul should be at the same place, and your posture should be firm and fixed. So you need to keep away all your distractions or all your vrittis that distracts your mind.

Yog asana means a firm posture, position, or seat. While performing your asana you need to keep in mind, that if you fail to perform an asana you are not concentrating on it, and you need to practice more. Your practice should be for dirgakala, which means continuous and without any interruption. 

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