Power Yoga

Power Yoga

Power up your yoga practice:-

Maintaining the principles of the yoga practice yet incorporating modern variations, Power Yoga has become very popular today.

Bringing out the best asanas:-

Power Yoga as the name suggests, strings together different poses into powerful sequences that result in a thorough workout. Focused on the physical aspect of asana practice Power Yoga aims at awakening the Rajas or the Energetic qualities of the human system. No two sequences are same since the teacher creates a new flow in every class aiming at improving muscle strength in different parts of the body and increasing flexibility to enable the student to move higher in asana practice.

However it does not mean only a physical workout as it embodies the different aspects of Yoga. Thus a typical Power Yoga class will begin with a slow warm up and move on to Surya Namaskar variations and thereon to intense stretches, binds, twists and inversions.

Yoga and its flexible interpretations:-

The uniqueness of Yoga which enables each and every human to practice it is the fact that it can be shaped to suit divergent needs. Hence we today have an amazing range of Yoga practiced by different set of people.
Power Yoga is open ended in the manner with which it can be taught. Students who seek to inculcate the benefits of Yoga into their lifestyle learn the Yoga style presented to them by the teacher. The beauty of Yoga is such that one can try various teachers and experience the versatility of Yoga and settle for the one that suits them best.
Those who enjoy Power Yoga lend themselves to an open minded exploration of possibilities that their teacher’s sequences bring to them. This form of Yoga gives freedom to the teacher to design a flow that is a combination and permutation of traditional asanas. Interesting modifications have now emerged through innovative teachers making Power Yoga classes exciting and interesting.

Poses used in power yoga:-

Suryanamaskar is used as the default vinyasa flow for warming up and to gain muscular stretch. Warrior poses in their different variations give a strong structure to the Power Yoga sequences. Since strength building and flexibility enhancing postures are sought after to create intense sequences, poses such as Chakrasana or Wheel Pose, Naukasana or Boat Pose, Badha Parshwakonasana or Bound side angle pose, Side Plank, Kapotasana or Pigeon Pose are used to build a strong practice in Power Yoga. These and other poses when placed together in different ways create sessions in which the body is always learning something new and hitherto untouched muscle layers come into play. An awareness of hidden strengths and astonishing ways of flexing the body come forth in Power Yoga.

The importance of breathong right in power yoga:-

However modernistic may be the form, Power Yoga does not step away from basic yoga foundations. The most important and the most stressed upon by all teachers is breath. Guidance is given as to the proper way to breath in every posture and iits transitions in a sequence. In order to establish good practices so as not to injure the body muscles or joints it is vital to understand the synchronisation between breath and movement. Muscles are never to be stiff and they can remain pliable as long as the breath is right. This emphasis on the fundamental Yogic principle ensures a holistic experience of keeping in touch with the eight limbs of Yoga and not exclusively on asanas. Breathing in Yoga goes a long way in increasing lung capacity and teach the body ideal breath patterns.
Yoga masters stress on the importance of balancing such styles of Yoga with Pranayama and Meditation so as to retain equilibrium of mind body and spirit.


Core power yoga:-

Yoga has transcended boundaries in unimaginable ways and Power Yoga has been taken up with gusto by the western world. Many creative twists have been brought into it resulting in forms such as Core Power Yoga which aims at providing a sweaty workout without exhaustion and tiredness connected to it. This is possible because of the strong influence of Yogic concepts as laid down traditionally. Breathing techniques and meditative mindfulness forms the essence of Core Power Yoga.
Students are guided towards tapping reserves of energy and building inner power in order to keep both physical and mental stability in practice.
Core Power Yoga draws its resources from various time-tested forms of Yoga such as Ashtanga and Hatha. The ultimate result sought after is a cardio-vascular activation along with stamina building and aerobic activity in the body.
Core Power Yoga is for those who intend to promote deeper muscle activation through the concept of breath and not just core-strength enhancement.

Minimizing muscle wear and tear throught hot yoga:-

Power Yoga involves stretching of muscles and as the practice deepens and intensity builds up a lot of heat needs to be generated in the body. Based on the belief that practicing Power Yoga in a heated studio would minimize muscle injury Hot Power Yoga has seen the light of the day. The detoxification that happens through sweating in a Power Yoga session could be increased through Hot Yoga. It has gained popularity due to its weight -reducing properties as well.

The vinyasa element in power yoga:-

By infusing fluidity into a Power Yoga sequence the vinyasa {or ideal placement of asanas} element provides a much appreciated value addition. Vinyasa flow lends endurance and vitality while helping the student keep the connection between breath and movement as a consistent factor. This enables mental focus and stress relief to be derived from Power Yoga.
Power Vinyasa Yoga brings in vast benefits not only physically but for the mind and spirit as well. The breath-regulated flow gently leads you into a meditative state after a Pranayama phase. Ultimately all the goodness of Yoga is reaped as the lungs with their enhanced capacity allow steadiness of mind and settling down of the nervous system, helping you to unwind completely in Shavasana.

YOGA Styles @ Aayana:-

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