Best health tips to follow with yoga

The journey of yoga is not just about doing Asana or meditation but also following some of the tips that can enhance this journey. 

Yoga is a way that connects the mind, body and soul. It helps to rejuvenate and heal your body internally and makes it strong enough to withstand and fight the harsh circumstances present in the outer world.

But the power of yoga, increase all the more when people who practice yoga regularly also take care of their health and eat healthily.

It helps you understand your body better and take steps that are best for your body requirements. 

So now, without much delay, let us discuss a few tips given below that will ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of yoga and stay calm and fresh all the time.

Relax your body and mind 

When you practice yoga regularly, it helps to keep your body and mind relax. Breathing exercises can help you keep away stress and anxiety, and you can give your best in whatever things you do. 

Eat and drink healthy 

Whether you are a beginner or not, this point is important for everyone. When you do yoga, lots of detoxification happens inside the body, so it is important to have plenty of water throughout the days to keep yourself fresh. When you go for yoga, you must feel light, so avoid eating food at least half n hour before doing yoga. 

Don’t resist your thoughts

When you do yoga and meditation, many thoughts come in your mind. There might be environmental disturbance also, but you must not resist them. Accept them as they are, as if you resist them, then your mind subconsciously thinks about it and, you get distracted. 

Take meals in the proper interval 

Your meals should always be within proper intervals of time as a good intestine, and good digestion is something that helps you do good and comfortable yoga. When you practice yoga what you need to keep in mind is that your stomach should be empty and free when you practice yoga otherwise your stomach would restrict you from doing your asanas.

Respect your body’s limitations

When you practice yoga, your body restricts you from certain body postures. So you should know that pushing your body to do certain tasks that it is not comfortable doing can be harmful to you and your body and cause permanent damage also. You can push your body to certain limits but not beyond that. Slightly pushing every time until you reach your goal is enough.

Include fresh fruits and beverages

You should include fresh fruits and light beverages, or grains like oats in your breakfast and meals. You can also go with fruits, that have roughage and fibre in them as they help in getting your intestine work better. It also helps in good digestion so that your stomach does not resist your asana when you practice.

Make frequent practice

Patanjali in his yoga sutras has given a principle – Sa tu dirghakala nairantarya satkara asvito dridh bhumi. This sutra translates that yoga practice should always be performed continuously without frequent breaks to maintain a firm position and build your firm roots in yoga. Therefore frequent practice is only something that can give you your best results.

Don’t let your mind get distracted

 Yoga is the source of concentration which also leads to better focus. Yoga, as explained by Patanjali in his yoga sutras, is yoga chitt vriti nirodha which means that yoga gets your mind free from the external fluctuations that distract your mind from your path and distracts you from your desired goals.

Now, that you know the secret behind reaping the benefits of yoga. Register today with Aayana Yoga Academy at Bangalore or follow their website for all latest events and tips on yoga right from the experts to master this art of staying physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and active. 

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