Week 3 Of TTC At Uttarkashi – Final thoughts


We are through with our residential 200 Hr TTC at Uttarkashi and the back-to-reality feeling is sinking in slow and deep.

The last week started off with a trip to the Himalayan temple town of Gangotri – home to the holy Ganga – on our off day. It was truly a humbling experience. The highlight of the trip was seeing apple laden tree orchards en route and the natural hot water spring baths ...

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Pranayama – Is It Done Before Asanas or After Asanas?

I have seen many teachers instructing pranayama practices before an asana class. I am not sure of the logic behind that. This is a common question we face in our teacher training courses as many of our students have had this experience of doing pranayama before asanas.

The following are the some of the reasons I don’t teach pranayama before asanas:

  1. Pranayama is a subtle practice compared to asanas. We always do the gross practice before subtle practice.
  1. Pranayama naturally leads to ...
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The Joy Of Bending Back

Different states of consciousness (awareness) can be achieved by keeping the spine in different positions. Our spine can bend to the back and front, from side to side and twist. The practitioner of Yoga experiences the whole range of states of consciousness the human body is capable of eliciting.

Flexibility of the spine gets affected as we grow up. In children the spine is very flexible and they can naturally bend back without much strain. If ...

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